THE Platform

Financial Services is under pressure from Governments and Regulators. Customers neither trust their financial institutions nor understand their products. The TradeOff platform is the first to put the customer's needs first.


The TradeOff platform engages your customers with entertainment, fun, knowledge and ultimately, being able to make more money in the real world. At its heart is a game that generates competitive pressures and challenges that encourage players to explore and test-drive new financial products. It also provides the social environment and communication channels for your customers to share their experience with friends and family, even if they are not currently your customers. Personal referrals such as these are the new marketing paradigm. TradeOff retains your customers’ engagement through one or more of the six digital media available within the TradeOff platform.


We provide you with the core platform and then customise it to your product range and commercial objectives. You invite your your customers and your community into the game. You also decide what benefits they receive, which of your products they can use what incentives you will offer them. No other institution can access your game environment, your clients or your products.

The Pedigree

TradeOff is world class innovation in financial services. It is also disruptive, creating opportunities for early adopters and threats for everyone else. It is loads of fun, highly educational, great for business and proudly Australian. TradeOff is designed by the world’s best software designers together with education specialists and financial services marketing experts. It is continually being developed and expanded.

Your Outcomes

Making disruptive technology work for you.

TradeOff commences by protecting your existing customers from competitors’ digital tactics. TradeOff's early adopters also achieve unparalleled access to their competitors’ customers. TradeOff gives your customers direct, full access to your product range every time they play the game. This "front of mind" familiarity reduces customer churn and improves the share of wallet from your existing customers. TradeOff’s improves the cost effectiveness of marketing and advertising expenses and is fully transparent and accountable. TradeOff also is ideal for testing and launching revised and/or new products and augmenting existing sales and marketing campaigns. TradeOff also reduces the litigation risk and costs.


Proven and Highly Experienced
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Mike Burden

Mike is the creator and founder of TradeOff. Mike combines more than 30 years experience in both media and entertainment and financial services.
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Andrew Gilkes

Managing Director
Andrew combines a background in education, economics and financial services over the past 30 years in Australia and Asia.
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Matt Needham

Chief Information Officer
Matt has more than 20 years experience in financial services technology and games.
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Ben Sawyer

Game Architect
With nearly 20 years experience designing games for purposes beyond entertainment, Ben is considered one of the global experts in serious games, and games for behavior change. He serves TradeOff’s master game architect and consulting producer.
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Mark Donnellan

Executive Vice President
Mark has over 30 years experience in operational risk, compliance and audit in financial services in Australia and Asia.
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Hal Josephson

Executive Vice President
Hal has 30+ years experience as a technology entrepreneur in the USA, Asia and New Zealand specialising in gaming, media and telecommunications.
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Jon Hammond

Executive Vice President-Communications
Jon has more than 30 years experience in Media and Communications in the UK.
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Ann Duffy

Executive Vice President-Corporate Social Responsibility
Ann has 30 years experience in Corporate Social Responsibility in North America and Europe.

Your Customer outcomes

Personal satisfaction, Fun, Skills and Knowledge and money in the real world