The TradeOff Platform

TradeOff is world's first digital, customer engagement platform designed for decentralised applications. TradeOff helps decentralised applications to achieve the ultimate goal of mainstream adoption by the mass affluent and emerging mass affluent consumer globally.

Customer Engagement

TradeOff initially enables potential customers to test-drive decentralised applications in the virtual world and in their ideal context. Tradeoff uses kinaesthetic learning (learning to doing) and premium gamification techniques to achieve this.

Test-Drive and Transition

At the core of the TradeOff platform is a premium game: The Game of Money and Life. The individual navigates through realistic scenarios where they encounter financial and lifestyle events and “trade-off” decisions that require them to choose and test-drive decentralised applications and other products from daily life.

Grow Mainstream Adoption

TradeOff uses a business to business distribution model to customers and employees. TradeOff uses the decentralised application’s existing customer base and leverages it by the “friends and family’ program and cross connecting to other application’s (non-competitor) customer bases. TradeOff augments this audience with global transmedia engagement events including reality TV formats, feature documentaries, e-sports and tournaments.

TradeOff generates competitive pressures and challenges that encourage players to explore and test-drive new applications with their friends. Individuals engage through one or more of the six media participation options available within TradeOff.  Individuals are motivated by entertaining and fun experience and being able to make more money in the real world.

Tradeoff's Outcomes

Everybody wins

TradeOff's participants have fun, get much better and more cost effective services. For those using financial services based decentralised applications, the individual can add as much as $US200,000 to their retirement funds and have a trusted source of knowledge. Decentralised applications get to the mainstream audience, securing their long term future and competitive advantage. They also increase customer engagement, loyalty and share of wallet. Knowledgeable customers are lower risk, lower cost customers. TradeOff protects existing customers from competitors’ digital tactics. TradeOff gives customers full access to your product range every time they play the game. TradeOff improves the cost effectiveness of marketing and advertising expenses and is fully transparent and accountable. TradeOff also is ideal for testing and launching revised and/or new products and augmenting existing sales and marketing campaigns. TradeOff also reduces the litigation risk and costs. (Set out to the right is an example of the benefits that TradeOff brings to a financial services decentralised application.)


Proven and Highly Experienced
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Mike Burden

Mike is the creator and founder of TradeOff. Mike combines more than 30 years experience in both media and entertainment and financial services.
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Andrew Gilkes

Managing Director
Andrew combines a background in education, economics and financial services over the past 30 years in Australia and Asia.
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Matt Needham

Chief Information Officer
Matt has more than 20 years experience in financial services technology and games.
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Ben Sawyer

Game Architect
With nearly 20 years experience designing games for purposes beyond entertainment, Ben is considered one of the global experts in serious games, and games for behavior change. He serves TradeOff’s master game architect and consulting producer.
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Mark Donnellan

Executive Vice President
Mark has over 30 years experience in operational risk, compliance and audit in financial services in Australia and Asia.
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Hal Josephson

Executive Vice President
Hal has 30+ years experience as a technology entrepreneur in the USA, Asia and New Zealand specialising in gaming, media and telecommunications.
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Jon Hammond

Executive Vice President-Communications
Jon has more than 30 years experience in Media and Communications in the UK.
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Ann Duffy

Executive Vice President-Corporate Social Responsibility
Ann has 30 years experience in Corporate Social Responsibility in North America and Europe.

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